August 2012 Second Hand Year Report

In my quest to live without buying anything new this year, I’ve decided to document my purchases as much as possible with end of the month round-ups.  This will be the first.

August has been a full month.  The first week found us at a nice debriefing program for expats returning to the states.  It was a great week and really helpful but it was also I think the only time that I broke down and bought anything new for the entire month.  I can’t remember anything else anyway.

The rest of August has been spent back on the farm, recieving the visitations of great friends and now beginning the resettling process.  We’ve made weekly trips to town for food and to visit the library (free books!!!) but I haven’t needed to buy anything really as of yet.

We did start homeschooling the kids and so my wife bought some supplies to get us off the ground.  We also still need to find a place to live but other than that, all is well.

Anyway.  Here is what August looked like as I try and live a second hand life this year.

New Purchases

  • $90.00 worth of books.  Everyone of them has been worth it so far, but had we waited a bit we could have found or ordered used versions of them all I suppose.  Books may be a weakness of mine.  I recently wrote a review of The Lazarus Life which was one of these books.

Second Hand or Free

  • A cell phone.  My mom had an old trac phone which she kindly reformated with a South Dakota number and gave to us for free.  I’ll be working to use it like it’s 1985!
  • TNIV Noteworthy Bible:  $11.00 plus shipping.  I wanted to get a new Bible to start a new season in life and saw someone else’s Bible that had enough space for writing notes and decided I had to have one.  I got this one used from Amazon.  I assume it was purchased and returned or something like that but I ” I’ll see as it’s still on its way.

That is all that I can think for now.  Again, this is just my purchases – it’s my experiment, not my wife and kids.

Anyway, you can see a full run down of the year to date at the Second Hand Year page above.

[some of the links above are affiliate links]

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