The Far Country

“God is at home. We are in the far country.”
-Meister Eckhart

A favorite singer songwriter of mine, Andrew Peterson, has an album called “The Far Country.” He writes of finding the above quote in an Annie Dillard book. Coming across the quote tonight sparked in me a notion that the far country is indeed where we are all living.

It seems common for people to ask us how it was living away from “home?”

We spent the last four and a half years living in Turkey and it was indeed different from the place we grew up, from the quiet streets of Freeman and known sounds and meanings of English.

But we are no more at home here than we were there.

Indeed, none of us are.

We are all passing through. We are all on the way. We are strangers in a strange land and we would do well not to forget it lest we grow accustomed, comfortable and some how in that comfort, lose sight of the true home for which we were created.

The journey is not easy, but it does lead us home.


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