Friday Poems: Peace Pole

May peace prevail on earth

Is what we read and why we’re here.

Moce Friede Auf Erden Sein

The words again in our father’s tongue.


The cool wind calls through

Rushing treetops

While leaves drop like

Golden cluster bombs

And land among the feet of children.

Only here, at our peace pole

We need not fear leaves

Falling from the sky.

We are safe.


Seated in a staggered

And erratic circle,

Students shiver

The cool fall shiver of October.

Soon back to school,

The shiver will be gone,

The thought of cold, evaporated.

But what of peace,

Of thoughts of peace and a world

Of fear and death and destruction

And children shivering the endless

Shiver of poverty

And walking the prosthetic limp

Of the cold remnant of someone else’s’ war?


Will those thoughts evaporate as well?

Will we return to the malaise of every day

And shallow talk and cheap grace?


Light pours down, filtered and soft,

Mingling, warming,

Guiding through the dark night

And out into the dawn.


October 6, 2006

(After Friday peace service at the campus peace pole)


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