Where to Live

Tomorrow our lives will return to normal – sort of.  What normal is for us is yet an elusive and somewhat surreal idea that we have not figured out.  But tomorrow we will awake alone.  Just us. Just our nuclear family.

One part of our journey toward the new normal will be to find our own place to call home.  We are staying with our folks for now and their generosity has been great and we all get along really well.  We are blessed that way.

But, we are beginning to feel the need for our own place.  More space is not what we are after, but rather a small corner to call our own.

The picture above would be a close rendition of my dream home.

  • Strawbale
  • Off Grid
  • Sustainably Built

And yet our situation leaves us a fair bit off of the road toward that dream.  I am not even sure it is a dream I should work toward – there are so many other variables involved.

For now, we will most likely find something temporary.  And if it works out, I’ll practice a bit on a strawbale home office of my own.



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