Wandering and Wondering

I began this blog in a rocket launch flame of glory back in June and did well to break through the stratosphere in the first three months, publishing three to four weekly posts.

But then I got lost in space.

I’ve wandered a bit as I worked to gain focus on other aspects of life – namely resettling after four and a half years living in Turkey and working to get my income generating corners of the web up and running in a way that pays the bills.

Well we aren’t really resettled yet and, while the other sites are not yet paying all of the bills, they are beginning to pay more of them.

Thankfully, our bills are pretty minimal right now.

Anyway, I’d like to work at writing more here again.  A little every day perhaps.  A few times a week if I’m doing well.

We’ll see how it goes and I hope I’ll keep up with it all.  I’ll do my best because I know that:

Good intentions are fodder on a field of broken dreams.

If you are on Twitter, you can tweet that.

One thought on “Wandering and Wondering

  1. We’ve all been “lost in space” at one time or another. Just glad to have you back. I’ve been checking periodically to see if you were back on the air. Keep it up.

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