Friday Poems: Technology

We have been in the process of moving into our new home in Freeman, South Dakota and in that process have unpacked countless boxes and bags, some of which were packed over five years ago.  It has led to more than a few interesting discoveries, one of which was a yellow piece of legal paper with a poem scribbled on it.

I believe I wrote it sometime between 2002 and 2004 while we were living in the Twin Cities.  I find it interesting as it reflects my long-standing and nuanced distrust of technology and innovation.  It is the tension I still live in and in fact, live in now more than ever as I work to craft a business based on technology and the innovation that has given us the world-wide web in all of its fullness.

– – – – – – – – – –

It has come

    to save us from

the mundane tasks 

    of paper and pen.


Instead of letters 

    of time and of thought,

emails are sent

    and emails are caught.


Instead of visits

    within sight of a friend,

chat rooms entice us

    to a life of pretend.


Life will be better

    is the thought of the day

as technology and innovation chase us

    into the grave.

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