Thoughts for the Proper Use of Technology

Last week I dove into the topic of technology with my thoughts on cell phone use.   Today, in reflection of a short article I read at The Catholic Land Movement blog, I’d like to pass on some ideas I found there for discussion.

In his article, Principles for the Proper Use of Technology, Kevin Ford offers three principles to help guide our thinking about how and when we should use technology.

Like Kevin, I have a healthy fear that we are swallowing every new thing with nary a thought to the ramifications on individual, family or community life.

This bothers me and like Kevin, I’d like to explore a bit, ask some questions and in the end, be unafraid to make significant changes if that is what is called for.

Here are Kevin’s three essential elements for the proper use of technology.

1. Technology should benefit the family and the community.

2. If a lesser technology can be used without great detriment of time, labor, or money then it should be used.

3. Technology must serve the common good.

As I reflect on my thoughts about buying a cell phone in light of these three principles, I begin to come to the conclusion – for this time at least – that we may not need to spend $150+ every month to own cell phones.

Principle two leads me to this conclusion – a lesser technology that is far cheaper is available.  We can install a land line and meet most all of our communication needs.

This of course could change as our life changes.  But it seems at least a feasible conclusion for now.

How about you?

What do you think about his three principles?  Are they helpful in guiding our use of technology?

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