This blog is my writing outlet.  My place to compose and to share and to process.  It will be in some part a diary of our return to the states after four years living in Istanbul, Turkey.

There will probably be more, but that is it for now.  My name is Aaron Myers and I am married to Consuelo who will also write here from time to time.  We have two amazing kids, Malachi (12) and Sonora (10).

(read my introductory blog post)

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Thanks so  much for reading!

Aaron Myers

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m working on a preschool project for my son’s school about Turkey. I’m hunting photos of kids in Turkey, playgrounds, homes, etc. I would love to include photos from your website, but I want to make sure it’s OK with you. This is a one-time project, not for profit, etc. Please let me know asap as it’s actually due tomorrow. Yikes!

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