Patio Pallet Table


I completed my first piece of furniture using a recycled pallet and I am pleased with how it turned out.

I learned a few things about pallets and now have a better understanding of how to work with them and have hopes for completing a set of benches for our back patio as well.

I need to find a few more pallets though.

I did pick up 10 small pallets from the Marion landfill this weekend – all of them solid oak and weathered a bit.

I’m excited to figure out what we can do with them and to find out just how difficult they are to work with – oak is very hard wood after all.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the table I built.





4 thoughts on “Patio Pallet Table

  1. Looks great. Are you going to paint or stain it or leave it natural? Dad used to work at a pallet factory in Spring Arbor pounding out pallets for college $$. There’s a place here in Mac that sells old pallets. Keep it up. Mom

  2. That’s cool but what really caught my eye was the book on the table. Was it good? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that lately.

    1. Just getting into the book. The topic has been on my mind too as we returned to the states and in Turkey the idea of “nationalism” just wasn’t a topic. We were all in it for the kingdom. Been good so far. Don’t agree with everything but it is worth the read if youre wrestling with these issues.

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