Waiting for The Birds


We are waiting for the birds.

Last week we put out a bird feeder.  I suppose we put up a bird feeder is a more apt description as this first feeder is a small, window mounted feeder that now hangs just above our kitchen table.  So far the suction cups have held it well though we have not yet had any visitors.  It takes time though I think our neighborhood will soon bring our feathered friends for a meal.

I have been putting up bird feeder since I was sixteen.  I love the idea of having birds around and look forward to creating a thriving habitat for song birds in our yard.  When the ground thaws I’ll put a post in for another feeder or two and then put out a birdbath as well.

For now, our window feeder – plus the handfuls of seed I throw out on the ground – will have to do.  And we’ll continue to await the arrival of our first visitor.


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