Sir Ken Robinson Gets It

(if the video doesn’t play, you can watch it HERE)

I’ve probably watched this video four or five times now, and each time I watch, I’m inspired and encouraged.

It gives me hope.

But it also makes me want more for my kids than I think most public schools are capable of giving them.   The teachers are fantastic for the most part, but the system within which they work is too often crippling their ability to help kids flourish.

At least that is my personal experience  as a teacher of high school English in the Midwest for several years.

Sir Ken Robinson gets it.

The problem is that we are functioning in a system that was developed over 100 years ago in order to prepare kids for a world that no longer exists.  The industrial age is dead.  The old economy has gone the way (or is going) of the dinosaur.

The question then for all of us to explore is what in the old system (if any) do we keep and what needs re-inventing to prepare our kids to live in the world of tomorrow.

Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Sir Ken Robinson Gets It

  1. Hi Aaron,

    Not sure what happened with the video as I wasn’t able to open it, but if it’s the one on ‘Changing Paradigms’ I’m well acquainted with it. I have only just this moment finished blogging about where I’m at with my thoughts on education (you can check out if you’re interested). Michael Fullan is playing quite a large role in my thoughts on education at the moment. I think there are a growing number of people who ‘get it’ today which is encouraging. Although I’m a teacher, I’m presently looking into how I can make a difference to the system from outside the system. I feel as though I can make a greater impact that way at this stage in my life. I’m glad to see I’ve connected with someone else who gets it.

    I was interested to see you spent 4 years in Turkey. I just spent a year in Azerbaijan so was able to go for the first time. An amazing place. Being Australian, Gallipoli was my highlight, but Istanbul was just fabulous.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog. Some great insights. Thank you.


  2. Hi again Aaron,

    You may also be interested in a seminar paper of Fullan’s, ‘Choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform’ It looks at Australia and the US and speaks directly to your comment above about fantastic teachers and crippling systems. I couldn’t agree more. I just nodded my head all the way through when reading it : )

    I also recently came across The Odyssey Initiative which I’ll be following with interest. Really great to see people thinking outside the box.


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