Friday Poems: Agnus Dei

We entered the arboretum

Under the same majesty of stars and sky.

We came to worship in song,  in fellowship.

Though I do not know you, we worshiped

The God of all creation,

The God of love and joy and hope and salvation


I came physically whole,

Healthy and when the song leader suggested standing,

I stood, raised my small son to his perch on my shoulders and praised.

You remained seated.

As we sang, as we worshiped in spirit and in truth,

You, in your broken body and shell of the man you once were,

Leaned toward your wife,


She nodded, stood.  

You braced yourself against her grasp now outdoing your own.

She lifted and you helped as you could,

She lifted and sang into your eyes and you into hers.

Standing for that short moment

You joined the angels in praising, 

In giving glory to the God of  creation,

To the God of heaven and earth.

And to the God of hope,

Of a new heaven and a new earth and one day,

Of a new body.  

Your very being called out to God,

“You are good, you are good, 

Though you may slay me, 

Still will I know that you are good.”


 October 20, 2006

 For Maynard Yoder – Thank You!

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