Diving In

We are back in South Dakota now trying to come to grips with the change that has taken place in our lives.  People ask what we think or how we are doing and the only answer I can think to give right now is:  It’s complicated.

One thing is for sure though, the peace, the slow pace, the silence and the solitude of the farm are all very nice.  I am trying to embrace this in between time, this respite from the busyness, this time on the farm to dive in deeper.

I’ve been reading again the daily writings from a book called Embracing Soul Care as well as St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle.  I’ve been journaling a lot.  I’ve been mowing, a long missed activity through which I can both help out a bit around the farm as well as listen to the ipod – a podcast, Turkish worship, or chapter seven of  Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy.

Next week I’ll jump back into regular writing, to the work of staying connected with Turkey and to the business of growing my business but I hope to be able to continue to dive deeper into just being, just hearing, just living each day to the fullest as I seek to live the abundant life.

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